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RE: Splinterlands Visual Update

in #dtube2 years ago (edited)

What about some visual updates for Steem-Engine? It's kind of part of the game too.

I think in the future it will be a very good place to sell themed skins and so on.


Yes boss, when will SE look and feel like it was created in the 21st century? And is all of your content a commercial? Well, there was the double rainbow.. In the real world people pay to advertise their products but you're happy as a pig in shit to scrape your meager rewards to sell your products to an already existing user base that I can only assume is nearing it's ceiling..

That's all good, there is nothing saying you can't do what your doing. But, getting butthurt and calling people morons, bitches, etc. for not agreeing with your concepts of steem only rewarding devs and witnesses that are also attempting to sell their products is absurd. And I see you haven't replied to my post I created in honour of you calling me a bitch, nor have you responded to my doubts that you have the balls to run your mouth to my face in BKK if you happen to be there..