Steem practical examples - #4: A deeper dive into Steem-Engine.

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Today I would like to showcase a little bit more what's possible with Steem-Engine.

It's truly a wonderful platform that is and will empower many applications and communities now and in the future.

Some subjects I cover.

Trading PAL tokens.
Switching from one token to another.
Sending tokens (DEC) from Splinterlands to Steem-Engine.
Explaining Virtual Miners.
Showcasing Pegged tokens and the possibility to deposit and withdraw them.

Some things from previous videos are quickly repeated. It's hard not to do these things when explaining.

I hope that's ok. Enjoy!

Previous Episodes:

#1 - How to buy Steem Monsters BETA packs on Steem-Engine
#2 - Showcasing Steem Applications and the token Economy
#3 - How Steem empowers communities with their own tradable token!

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Did you see that Mark Zuckerberg announced a cryptocurrency today?

I'd be very interested in your thoughts on this. I think it may be the boost that the crypto currency world needed to bring it in to the mainstream.. But will it benefit the other currencies? Or do what Facebook did to MySpace?

I did see it. Haha, it's hard to miss when you live in this space. I'm still reading/learning more about it before I can form a decent opinion. Interesting times though!

Agreed. I await your vlog!!!

don't worry about repeating or mistakes. remember data doubles in size every 72 hrs on the internet. nobody is over analysing it. people speed listen anyway these days at 1.5x or 2x and they fast forward, going to the good bits. the point is that the content is out there. keep it coming man. have a great day.

Thanks, man! I also became an expert at speed listening. It works wonders and saves so much time.

I have been trying to figure out how to do some mining since I saw a post about it a week or so ago. It is still a bit confusing to me. Hopefully I can get it figured out though.

I'm not sure how profitable it is. I estimated about 5% to 10% a year right now but that will probably go down when more ppl mine. Mining is very easy, you buy a miner and stake it on Steem-Engine. From that moment it will begin to mine.

Very cool.

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steem engine needs to be more fast for a great user experience half of the time i need to refresh the website

Yeah why do we need to refresh website when it should be fetching data in realtime from the blockchain with jQuery like google should be able to refresh parts, bot whole site! It is great don’t get me wrong, but just needs a lot of work!

Steem engine is kind of best thing we have for STEEM . The different types of token is there to trade on it and make some good token from own end without coding it's best thing we have. 👍

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Nice apps...
And very important apss for all steemit user

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I have recommended your name in my post as a senior dtuber, hopefully you will continue to be more successful

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I looked at the EM4 miner and there appears to be 1,000 out at the moment. Did the first 1,000 sell earlier or is steem-engine raising the sell prices gradually as one it bought? In comparison to the pal miner there was a set price that was set when buying direct from what appears to be palnet itself. Was wondering if you knew why this was. Superb explanation you made a lot of people's lives easier in explaining micro crypto tokenization to someone else that is not at all familiar with steem or even crypto at all.

hi im hew here and i posted a short video of some music i made. please check it out and let me know what you think. 😁

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Interesting. I didn't know there were any game currencies using crypto, but it makes so much sense. Think about how much Riot for example makes from people buying skins and in-game items.. the market is huge! It'd be cool to see this used as a way to finance indie game developers, since they could build the game and essentially sell it to their users a bit at a time for their own crypto token, which they can then exchange for rent money. 😅

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