Herons Unlimited Season Results 20190801

in dtube •  11 months ago 

So I've compiled the first real season stats with @herons-unlimited in the video.

The short version, overall return on assets was 38%. That was helped in part by the rise in USD value of DEC and one account pulling a gold foil legendary rewards card.

Without that card, returns would have been more like 32%.

Which is still killer.

If you are watching this on dtube, do me a favor an hit the tag & upvote button instead of just upvoting. One of the limitations (so far) of the scottube interface is I can't tag 3 tribes. So this video is missing #palnet. Thanks!

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Better than even bitcoin last month! Definitely creating a treasure chest there!

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Great job with herons!
I assume 38% is calculated as per annum?

Yes, that's an annualized return.