Splinterlands Rental Season Update 20190916

in dtube •  10 months ago  (edited)

3rd try!

Here's my season update.

Management continues to be an issue. Gotta focus on getting those numbers up!

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I could have listened to you go on for another hour to be completely serious. Make moar videos!!

I feel like I make a lot of videos. No?

Maybe we should do a Splinterlands show. Go over the markets, see which players and clans are winning, analyze strategy.

I just recorded a video on Zoom for steempeak... an orientation video. So i'm on a roll. haha

And i don't always have great interent so no time like the present for me. It's fun at the very least. A sort of PODCAST perhaps?

I have been thinking about getting into some of these games. Hearing some very good ROI numbers from people! :)

Well, you can see all my numbers in these posts. I think they are pretty fantastic.