7 Gold Foil Herons Unlimited Accounts Available for Play

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So I made up another 7 silver-league herons-unlimited accounts from some of the cards that I opened up in my 2300 pack spree the other day.

I actually made 10, but 3 have already been taken.

The great thing about these is that they have a lot of gold cards, so DEC earned from wins will be higher.

If you want one, hit up the Ottermaker discord at https://discord.gg/5XZvEJq

From a financial perspective, the silver league accounts were the best performers last season, and that matches with my projections.

With these gold foil accounts, that should be enhanced even further. I am expecting about 60% annualized return on assets. Each of these accounts has about 250 USD worth of cards in them. So 10 accounts is about 2500 USD, and I expect to make about 1500 USD per year on them paid in DEC.

Exchange risk is always an issue though.

But let's be honest. Now that you can buy cards directly with DEC, I expect that is where most of my DEC will go!

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Nice :) I was going to ask why not just alphas instead of golds if it's about DEC bonus but then I watched video to the end and found out that these are the cards from the packs, not from market ;-) I would argue that legendaries are not necessary in silver league, there are 2-3 more useful (I'm not talking about legendary summoners ofc) than some (gold) epics and cheaper.

Earning prize in Gold Foil Gold League tournaments with silver level account is, of course, doable, just because there is a lot of underdeveloped decks that want to give a try.

That was my thinking on the gold foil gold league as well.

A lot of my diamond level champion accounts do use alphas for the DEC bonus there. My alphas are pretty much all being used currently.

That is actually a great idea given the amount of DEC earned on those battles! With the Heron Guild leveled up, it will actually improve even more!

Here's hoping! 🍺