Flippening Status 20190916

in dtube •  10 months ago  (edited)

Is the Flippening still on?

Turns out...


For betas, you need to use potions to get a positive expected value.On rewards and Orbs it is positive across the board.

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so does this mean that beta packs are the least effecctive place to use potions now?

my luck with them continues to be poor. i've opened 75 packs from my latest purchase and have only pulled 3 legendaries which is what you'd hope for, all things being equal, without potions. right?

i know it's all down to luck blah, blah, but if i had the same luck with rewards or orbs i'd be doing better wouldn't I?

Depends on how you look at I guess.

With Orbs, going from no potions to full potions increases your expected yield from 5% to 35%, which is a nice swing of 30%

With Betas, going from no potions to full potions increases your expected yield from -11% to 12, which is a swing of 23%.

So Orbs do have a higher ROI at the moment, but the set of cards is obviously much more limited.

Ah. that's useful. Thanks neal.
Looking at it that way it makes more sense to use the potions on Betas and not on orbs because that, at least takes it into the positive.
I'll listen out for those numbers next time.
I find it hard to work out what's going in the video most of the time as you're soooooo fast. 😂

Moar more mooooor!! So awesome