Flippening Status 20190805

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The Flippening is still on!

People have responded exactly like a free market should, and profits have been arbitraged somewhat. But as I show in this video, using @peakmonster's new card values, there is still profit to be had buying beta packs.

As of this morning, the profitable move is to buy the 500-pack promotion to get your 75 bonus packs and use both legendary and gold potions. That creates an expected value profit of 7%. As always, random numbers gonna random. So your exact results will differ either higher or lower. Sometimes significantly so.

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Interesting analysis. You've taken quite a conservative approach using PeakMonsters market values because they use multiple BCX prices rather than single card price, which are generally considerably higher.
Classic newbie mistake is to sell a single card at the recommended BCX price which usually referred to a high level card that beginners can't afford or won't buy.
Also there is the 5% referral fee that can obviously be captured by using multiple accounts.
I can see that I've been pretty lucky to get 2 gold foil legendaries out of only 175 pack openings.

Very lucky!

I agree with all your points here though.

In any case way better than losing 5% getting $US out of PayPal and into Crypto.

Are you inputting each card value into a database/spreadsheet... and did i understand that you've moved to the "market" value instead of the listing/ask value?

Yes. I have a spreadsheet that calculates the average price by rarity/edition. The input values I changed from the ask in previous videos to the market value in this version.

Glad you're enjoying all the new features