Flippening Status 20190805

in dtube •  11 months ago 

The Flippening is still on!

People have responded exactly like a free market should, and profits have been arbitraged somewhat. But as I show in this video, using @peakmonster's new card values, there is still profit to be had buying beta packs.

As of this morning, the profitable move is to buy the 500-pack promotion to get your 75 bonus packs and use both legendary and gold potions. That creates an expected value profit of 7%. As always, random numbers gonna random. So your exact results will differ either higher or lower. Sometimes significantly so.

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Interesting analysis. You've taken quite a conservative approach using PeakMonsters market values because they use multiple BCX prices rather than single card price, which are generally considerably higher.
Classic newbie mistake is to sell a single card at the recommended BCX price which usually referred to a high level card that beginners can't afford or won't buy.
Also there is the 5% referral fee that can obviously be captured by using multiple accounts.
I can see that I've been pretty lucky to get 2 gold foil legendaries out of only 175 pack openings.

Very lucky!

I agree with all your points here though.

In any case way better than losing 5% getting $US out of PayPal and into Crypto.

Its Flippening time ....

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Are you inputting each card value into a database/spreadsheet... and did i understand that you've moved to the "market" value instead of the listing/ask value?

Yes. I have a spreadsheet that calculates the average price by rarity/edition. The input values I changed from the ask in previous videos to the market value in this version.

A dumb-ass here.

Is this flippening the buying of 500 packs (for the bonus) using the potions, then burning the whole lot for DECs then selling those?

Selling the cards, not converting to DEC.


It's buying the 500-pack promotion, getting 575 packs, spending DEC to buy legendary and gold potions for all the cards, and then calculating the market value of the result.

It's not the same as saying 'selling' the cards because as you sell the market prices can change.

OK thanks. Well that's actually even better if you expect (as I do) card prices to rise as the scarcity increases. Cheers :)

Glad you're enjoying all the new features