Splinterlands- Battle Share with PIT OGRE

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Hello Guys

This is my post about @splinterlands battle share challenge. This is the first time I am sharing any video content and it took me sometime to understand the process. I had created @dtube account sometime back and have used it for the first time to share my @splinterlands battle.

I am not pro in video content but I will learn with the passage of time. I think steem is platform where we all learn and improve and thats the best part about this awesome community.


This week's theme is Pit Ogre battle and battle should have this card from fire monster.

Screenshot 20200215 at 6.30.42 PM.png

Battle Details-

This is the battle snapshot having below mentioned cards-


Screenshot 20200216 at 8.55.32 PM.png

I put Goblin Mech in the front and thereafter Pit Ogre so that Pit dont get more hits in the beginning. Third slot given to GRUMPY DWARF and 4th to GOBLIN SHAMAN and this is all well arranged as my strategy and mana limit. This battle was full of challenge and for a moment I thought that battle is gone and I will be defeated but at the last moment things went other way round and that made me win it.

This is the post by splinterlands for the challenge.


Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

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I have shared this post in twitter.

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Very nice to see you make videos @reeta0119, welcome to Dtube and congratulations to your win in the Splinterlands battle, keep making videos, it's awesome.

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Thank you @thisisawesome

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Thanks @reeta0119, and keep up your awesome work.

Nice job! The first time for anything can be daunting... and I know Dtube can be a little difficult. Looks like you uploaded to Youtube and then Dtube (great idea!).

I would only add that you can EMBED your Youtube video so people don't have to leave your post to watch it. I'm pretty sure you have to come back to EDIT after you post because Dtube may not allow the embedding at first (this may have changed, so just try it!).

To find your EMBED code, go to your Youtube video and click SHARE, one of the options is EMBED. It will be a bunch of code starting and ending with <iframe>.


You have been manually curated by the @splinterlands / @steemmonsters team for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE WEEKLY CONTEST!

Thank you for SHARING your Splinterlands content with the world! The more the merrier!

Enjoy your juicy upvote and keep creating excellent Splinterlands content!

Hi @carrieallen
I am new in this and not aware of such helpful tips. Since upload was not working so I used youtube. I will figure the options for sure and I will try to improve it in my next video. Thanks a lot for your advice and I will follow.
I always say there's a lot to learn for and trust me I am enjoying this learning because everyone is so nice and that's what I just love it. I also try to edit this using embed code however not sure how much time it will take for me to do it. Thanks again

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No worries! A lot of people around here love helping!
To edit this post click the 3 little dots at the bottom of the post. It should show you EDIT. Then you can change whatever you want!

You'll simply need to open your Youtube video and then click the SHARE button and then EMBED. Copy and paste that code into your post.

Tag me if you need anything! 🥰@carrieallen

Hi @carrieallen
Thanks a million for guiding me. I followed the steps you provided and now my video is playing within steemit itself. I am so happy to make it like this and for all this credit goes to you my friend. You took out time and helped me to understand.
I will follow the same way in future videos.
Thank you so much once again. Appreciate your support.