is steem decentralized or has the whale take over ?

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i talking how i earn steem and steem power and what i think abuot the rich steem ppl.
for me is like who got most steem controle alot is not like btc at all !

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Not sure.. but there seems to be a lot of whales out there behind most (or all) projects, nowadays. :(

Question, what’s your strategy on getting upvotes and $? I see you just posted and instantly raked in 22 cents. Advice would be appreciate. :)

Content is king. Along with properly tagging that content.
If you check my blog posts some of them have hundreds of upvotes and have earned me some coin.
I only have like 40 some followers here on Steemit, but I'd like to think it's my content that gets the support. DS-Tech Media is mostly about my videos on technology, but most specifically Linux & Open-Source.
When I make an article, I take time to write it out in a Markdown editor and add photos and as much content as I can. Best of luck to you.

tyvm i will follow you and see how you doing it


that why bitcoin is nr 1

Every coin has whales. Aside from that, quality content will get you votes. Also, vote and interact to get curtain rewards.