The Struggle Is Not Over Yet

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The title is not about an action or battle on the battlefield, but about my journey in the game Steem Monsters. Since I had my own account last week with help from friends at @teampossible and for the help of @cicisaja in lending me some cards, I continued playing Steem Monsters.

During the last season I was very grateful because after completing a number of Quests, the steps of my struggle reached Silver III. For me who is still a cloud and a beginner, this is a big step that I have achieved. From completing last season, I got a number of new cards that became collections for me


According to info from @cicisaja, there are currently many Steem Monsters gamers who have good cards so it is very difficult to win the battle. But with the surefire strategy given by @cicisaja, I managed to win several battles and complete the Quest. In completing the Quest I get dominant use Summoner Earth (Lyana) and Death (Zintar).

Today has started a new season with level Bronze II, and I have finished the battle with Quest completing the battle with Earth summoners. The struggle continues with missions and targets winning battles and completing Quests to reach Silver II level at the end of the season.


We have resteemed to thousand followers.. So many thanks to vote @puncakbukit as your witness.'s really cool that you can reach silver 3 with your funny deck and I hope you will enjoy battling with other splinters too... try it, the water team is a badass on bronze league (don't let the ROS sit there unplayed)

I highly appreciate your advice, with your guidance I can succeed ...

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