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Hello everyone.
Thanks for stopping by today, and a warm welcome to you all today. Hope you had a nice day today.


Well friends, this post is dedicated to everyone who is in the splinterland games, the game is superb and so exciting to play.
I know many of you out there are so good in the games, majority of you can see any splinter given to you to finish a task.

Well we are only just hopping to learn from our champions like you. Today's quest was not very easy though but i needed to manage my way through, and at the end i was able to defeat some very strong guys in battles.


Please friends i want you guys to share your thoughts on the daily rewards after completing a particular task, the portions and the Dec that are been given instead of the normal leveled cards, how is this new innovation, is it cool or it should be changed?.

Just share your thoughts by clicking the comment button below, i hope to reply them as soon as they come in.

Thanks so much for creating out your precious time to read this, i really do appreciate your efforts and time spent on the post. And a very big thank you to everyone and to my big boss who have been so supportive and encouraging i really appreciate all your efforts. Bye for now and remain blessed.

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