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STEEM dropped all the way back to around place 80 on Coinmarketcap after getting totally buried against BTC reaching new lows. HF21 brings with it a lot of uncertainties and is said to make the rich richer wile it will become impossible to get something going for newbies. I'm here for the long run and am taking the opportunity to cost average my way in some more powering up to 8000SP now.

With everything that has been going on around Steem it's easier than ever to increase your stake in the platform. With the Steem price so low it's easy to buy a lot extra and many who are here for the long run started doing so at current levels. It's also fairly easy to earn steem still just by blogging and using all of the available dapps on the platform (Actifit, Steemmonsters, Busy, Esteem, ...) The Steem-engine along with the multiple air drops also allows earning extra tokens which I expect to be something of a temporary thing for most of these coins.

Some positive developments have also happened which makes me hope the worst in price drop is behind us. There is also no reason to believe Steem will die any time soon.

  • Solid Advertisement revenue will lower the huge Steem Inc Selling Pressure.
  • SMT's and Hivemind Communities are coming.
  • Mainstream potential with games like Steemmonsters

So I got 800 more Steem after taking some profit of my Link position into BTC a while back and now balancing my Portfolio a bit buying some of the longer term holdings I have that got hammered. I might buy more along the way and put my SP target at an even 10k hoping to at least have a bit to empower myself once HF21 drops.

Extra STEEM / SP will be used to...
  • Stay around 0.10$ 100% upvote
  • Contiue to support my @upvoteshares project
  • Get Some more Steemonsters Cards
  • Maybe lease some SP to Steemmonsters

Special thanks to @clove71 for giving me a Steemmonsters Promo code so I could test out the game without having to pay for a Starter Pack. I have been playing the game on a daily basis and managed to reach Silver 2 despite limited overall card value after buying a couple of summoner cards while also getting some cards gifted from @beat-the-bookies and winning a couple cards in daily contests that are hosted here on Steemit.

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While Steem hasn't been exactly a great crypto investment, it certainly has bee the most fun and useful one for me. I do consider this my blogging home and I plan to stick around ad continue to post about my personal betting for many years to come regardless of the price or the post payouts.

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Good to see more people powering up like me. Congratulations on the milestone!

Thanks @erikklok, I keep telling myself that I will stick to a certain SP Level (5K SP) and re-invest everything above but that number always keeps going up. I will likely power up more later on to 9k+ and let my account grow to 10k to re-invest what I earn on top. It's crazy to think between 4k-5k SP was worth around 40k Dollar over a year ago.

Seems like a decent strategy to me. It is sad that it is worth about 95% less now indeed...

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Love to see your steem power on my comment if you are willing to show.

The price of Steem along with the dust treshold still make it quite hard to upvote comments right now at my SP level and really drain my Voting power too quickly. EIP will fully kill this and make it impossible for anyone to upvote comments pretty much so enjoy while it lasts :)

Congrats you made a good move. I am thinking about making one soon also with an invesment from my fiat savings. Really cool man and glad you gave a shout out to @clove71 she was a factor in getting me into SteemMonsters and it was the best move I ever did.

I kind of regret being too cheap to buy the starter pack way back when Steemmonsters got started. On the other hand, it saved me a lot of time as I feel I'm forced to complete the daily quest now every day.

good job.......Costanza.

Nice to see you are still around @vicspcis, where is the time Steemit was full of Sports contests :) I always enjoyed hosting the EPL betting contest myself but it was impossible to justify the time investment to keep it up.

Ah....to reminisce about the good ol' days...maybe they'll come around again.

Has the steemmonsters addiction kicked in yet? 😬😬 My only regret is I did not pass you my referral link when I told clove about you needing a promo code...Lol

I am also trying to get to 10k sp. If the hardfork pushes through it will deal small accounts massive damage. We will just have curation bots instead of bid bots. The EIP goal of increasing curation will fail massively.

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I also fear the EIP will be a big fail, only the ones lucky enough to be within the curation voting circles will be able to get some extra upvotes by curators. I doubt many whale curators will be actively searching for new and good content. It might all attract more dapps that own a lot of SP spreading upvotes to it's users like Actifit & Steemmonster though. It's all hard to tell and way too big of a gamble in my view. I also feel 10k SP won't be enough to make much of a difference in the received upvotes.

Greetings, @costanza

Excelent action that you made!!!!!! Lets play this best game of steem blockchain!!!
You can delegate sp to @steemmonsters account to receive decs all days!!!

thank you!!!!

#palnet #sct #battle #spt #weedcash #steemleo #aaa #zzan #steemace #sportstalk #jahm #int

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Gratulation to your milestone.
28 cent is a bit low.
At least for now Price isn't the most important thing but I really don't like the ratio drop compared to all other altcoins. I hope steem does not drop out of 100, it might be way too difficult to get back on track once you on Page 2 :)

I'm having a hard time seeing it go much lower. The platform does have quite a strong community with many that stick to it and things are being built on it. Sure the majority tries it out and leaves again and many are here just to earn but it's all still very early on and it has potential (especially with something like steemmonsters / actifit / ... ) to be adopted by the general public some day.

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