esteem mobile Chinese translation have done, and desktop will be done in 24 hours (deadline )

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@good-karma @esteem

See esteem development momentum is good, Download desktop version to try. However, there is no Chinese version

Esteem can choose steem node server by user, which is a very good function for many Chinese users. Don't worry about not being able to access the official API node server of steem.

However, the speed of esteem is worrying, especially in the evening of Beijing time.

During the Spring Festival, my head was hot. I mistakenly entered esteem's discord chat room and accidentally claimed esteem's Chinese translation task.

It turns out that the translation is finished in a week, as if the time has almost passed.

from now on....

Esteem mobile Chinese translation have done.

And desktop(eSteem-Surfer) will be done in 24 hours (deadline ).



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Great, to have Chinese among our languages in Mobile and soon Surfer. Thank you for your contribution, after reviewing your work, we will enable and include it into next update. Also bounty of 1000 ESTM will be sent out. Once Surfer translation is done, another 1000 ESTM. Thank you!


I will done in 24 hour:)

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