Battles and Rewards on Gold 3, Epic!

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Hello Rumblers

I skip a day on playing my dq, lost a chance to get 6 additional rewards but that's fine. I have something important to take care of. I played my last dq of the season and won't try to rank up, I'm alright with the result anyway. I just play the deck for 4 days and took it from Bronze to Gold 3 while doing 4 dqs and collecting total of 1.015 DEC.


it must be a Lil bit disappointed to see how much Dec you got from an Epic Battle

Isn't it fun? Or funny? Well.. buy alpha and gold cards if you want to mining DEC. Even with beta gold foil and some winningstreaks, the best I can get only 20-35 DEC😂 poor me! But I know that I'm not the only player who experienced this.


How can you win over a Level 7 summoner on Gold 3? Hahaha... The same question always in my mind, what are those diamonds and champs playing around gold🤔

I need 30 minutes and 13 battles to complete my dqs, 8 wins and 5 lost and lucky that none fled away from the battlefield. I met equal decks from the same league today and it makes me optimistic. I think I met the opponents who also working on their dq with the fire splinter.


this is the epic battle, I defeated an opponent with L5 summoner

The ruleset was target practice and keep the distance, I was thinking to use my water team, but then decided to try my luck. I just need one more battle to claim the rewards. So, I sent the best line up to the battlefield, though I was hesitant to use fire demon or Centaur. The FD is a level 3 one, but Malric L3 couldn't summoned him. When I saw my opponent line up, I thought I'd lose. My Fire beetle doing a great job! Here is the link to the battle if you want to watch it.


The rewards😝 EPIC pull out🤣

135 Dec value of cards😅 I realise that nothing to lose with this deck anyway, any cards always welcome, to burn or to keep it somewhere else. Everything has changed nowadays, the battlefield is full of amazing players and decent decks. If you want to enjoy the long winning streaks, you have no option but buying cards or booster packs to level up your deck or enroll to the many available nice decks to play from the Rich card owners. Nothing to lose but time anyway.

Only 8 hours before the season ends, wish you all the best and good luck with the season rewards, some gold foil and legendary cards to keep you enjoy the game.

Thanks and see you on the battlefield, next season 🤗


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