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RE: My investment story into Alpha Gold Commons on the Splinterlands!

in #exylelast year

Dear @exyle

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Those cards you presented are not really making much of an impression (looking a bit cheap-ish).

I didn't even MAX mine out

What does it mean? (Im not really cards player)

ps. wouldn't you consider investing in cards quite a "risky gamble"?



You might want to educate yourself a bit more about Steem Monsters because it's one of the greatest apps currently being developed on Steem.

The cards look cheapish because those were the old cards. I'm showcasing how the game USED to look.

MAX out means getting your cards to lvl 10 (they start at 1).

Even though I knew trading cards had potential it wouldn't be the first time I lost money on a 'more exotic' investment.

Of course, it was a gamble. I even wrote that. Now my investment is worth 10 grand and growing daily. I don't complain.