I sold my first Splinterlands Card! 16x return in STEEM.

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I thought the day would never come.

And I would never know what it would feel like.

But it finally happened.

I sold a Splinterlands Card!

Just 1 mind you, can't go to mental with these things straight away.

Anyway, there is this secret button on the Splinterlands website that I didn't even know existed.

It's called Show History and you find it on the Market Page.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 18.13.30.png

When you click it you get a nice overview of your sales and purchases.

I put up an Alpha Selenia for sale today for $30 and it sold after 3 hours.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 18.29.37.png

And there you have it. My first sale.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 18.16.28.png

It's nice having the cards but it's also nice to know you CAN actually sell them for a decent price too.

The Splinterlands team took a small percentage of the sale (goes to tournament prices) but I still got a nice 207 STEEM for the card.

But here's the real kicker.

I was digging through some of my old Discords chat to see if I could find what legendaries used to go for.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 18.07.55.png

Around 12 STEEM ($1,13 per STEEM) I paid for that card back in the day.

Yeah, that's a 16-17x return in STEEM selling it today.

STEEM lost value and the cards gained value but still....even in USD value that's an impressive return.

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The market fee splinterlands is taking doesn't go to their pockets. They give it all back in tournament prizes.

 last year (edited)

I double-checked and you are 100% right! Thanks for letting me know.

How did you feel during those 3hrs!? Ever doubted to cancel the sale?😉

But seriously impressive return you achieved on this card🧐👍

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Well back then steem was more expensive obviously, but still that's a really good deal.

Back then when we had to trade on discord my most regretful trade was trading my GF Lynna Natura for a Lightning Dragon, It semt like a good trade back then.

Damn, these splinterlands cards are valuable! In 2020, they can get even more major gainzzzz! 🤑

I wish I was into Splinterlands, just don't have any interests. Nevertheless, the Splinterlands' Team has an amazing road map and the users playing it now will see handsome rewards as well in the future.

It's hard to get excited about something that has none of your interests.

But like you say, even though you might not be into the game, what they have accomplished is impressive never the less.

Can’t you just hodl DEC to get some exposure to this game? Am I really far off with that thought?

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I wasn't also into the game, but I was looking at the investment side of it, like this post @exyle posted. But mistakenly I bought the wrong set of cards called a starter pack. Cut the long story short, I have been playing the games 2 days now and buying more cards too and if I remain where I am when the season ends in about 3 days time I'll get 7 more cards for free. Cheers.

I had zero interest in the game when I bought a starter pack. My plan was to sell the cards and just use it as a way to buy Steem with my paypal account. I soon got sucked in though and now I quite enjoy doing my daily quest. I doubt I would play much if it wasn't profitable but the devs have got the incentives just right and they got me hooked.

You gotta sell them at some point! There's nothing there if it's not realised. Same with STEEM, though I have sent very little out so far.

Same here, been a long time since I sold STEEM.

I think you take right decision to sell this card.16-17x return is really impressive.

I've sold a lot of cards, but it's been almost a year since I sold one good card. Las Christmas I sold a golden legendary card for almost 100 USD and I powered it up in STEEM, that card now is at least 4x it's value hehe, but I could not resist selling it.

It's OK Mark @exyle that you did your First Sale. The Return was Awesome and it Shows others that we are in DEMAND and The Game is Only Going to Grow From Here. I am So Grateful you Came By my Latest Post to see the Archmage Arius being Revealed................

Again congrats on that awesome card!

Can't argue with the ROI on that!

As you know I've sold a few recently, but nothing that would impact my daily quest abilities. Think I'll be holding my stronger Splinters into 2020 :)

Yeah, I am keeping those splinters too! DEC income is nice.

Yeah the income for me down in the gold/diamond 3 area is pretty nice for the week - and there's the free cards too.

I am holding for longer term as I still think that the amount of players will dramatically increase after the mobile app is launched!

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Thanks for sharing! I was recently looking for the value of some sales and could not find it for the life of me.

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i too never sold i find it very complicated to use

That is pretty awesome. I have sold quite a few cards over the past couple of years. Several of them I wish I had held onto because they would be worth much more today. I don't have many of the cards I got from the original kickstarter. Those all sold for close to $250 when they first came out.

How to sell them as i am also having some of the cards but don't know much about it.

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