My investment story into Alpha Gold Commons on the Splinterlands!

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Sometimes when you make an investing gamble you get lucky.

With Splinterlands I got lucky.

Even though I knew trading cards had potential it wouldn't be the first time I lost money on a 'more exotic' investment.

When I got into Splinterlands it didn't look as slick as it looks today and it was basically just a card game with cool monsters that you could trade.

There was no game, no market, no nothing. Just the ability to buy packs and trade the cards from one account to another.

And it looked like this:

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 19.35.29.png

All trading was done in discord back then.

For some reason that I still don't understand, I didn't see much value in the common alpha cards.

I didn't even MAX mine out, a silly mistake that took me way more money to correct later then I care to admit :)

Anyway, at some moment the Splinterlands team decided to release Gold Foil cards, that were much rarer than their normal counterparts.

They made this 'gold foil edition' backward compatible with previously bought packs.

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 18.32.11.png


As you can imagine, the Market was flooded with Gold Foils for a short while and I decided to concentrate on the Gold Foil Common ones and bought as many as I could.

Then the game developed further and became an actual game and to my annoyance, the Alpha commons started to go up in price but the gold foils stayed relatively the same.

Besides E-peen there was no reason to buy them. That had no extra abilities or strengths over the normal ones.

I still kept mine anyway.

And then DEC came out!

Dark Energy Crystals as an in-game currency in the game and all I needed was this sentence from the annoucement post.

Lastly, gold foil and Alpha edition cards have been found to attract Dark Energy to them at a higher rate than other cards. This means that each gold foil and Alpha edition card used in a Ranked battle will allow the winner to capture additional Dark Energy from the energy pool, making these cards even more highly sought after throughout the Splinterlands.

Yes! Sitting on those cards would finally pay off.

And that process is slowly starting now.

Those Gold Foil Alpha cards are getting mighty rare and with every card stacked or destroyed even rarer.

And if one thing is good for the price in a trading card game that many people want to play: Rarity. (Google The Alpha Black Lotus for MTG and you get the idea.)

But this is even better! Rare cards with an extra perk of being able to get more DEC!

Yesterday, someone came onto the market and decided to buy most of the Gold Foil Kobold Miners.

I heard the price even went up to $30 for 1!

I missed the excitement but did manage to capture this price.

Screenshot 2019-06-08 at 18.24.40.png

I have a fair few of those! Happy days!

Will I sell them? Lol, hell no, not now.

I'm going to sit on those beauties for a while!

Splinterlands is developing bigger, better and grander then I could have possibly imagined.

The development team is out of this world and keeps developing product upgrades that make the game better.

It's no longer a question for me if this game will be successful but when.

Very exciting times for the Splinterlands!

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I still remember , I sold almost 700 Steem worth Alpha Cards to you

I think it was SBD. A quick calculation and I think you ended up with the better deal so far on that one! Wasn't it Alpha legendary cards? Time will ultimately tell. I'm using some of those cards now to earn DEC, hopefully, they will go up in value too in the future.

Yeah all of this for 700 SBD :D

It was an absolute rampage. Not sure who or why, but $108 is the highest I saw it get up to.

WOW!! For that price I wouldn't have mind parting with a few!

I only have one, but I'd swap him for 5 gold alpha flesh golems in a heartbeat :)

You made an almost perfect read of the opportunity that was presented to you, the only missing part was the alpha commons that you underestimated.

The only reason for selling now is that you would probably make more STEEM now, based on the STEEM price being so low.

That's true. The STEEM price plays a role. But these cards in my mind are priced in USD. If I would get 1 STEEM worth $40 for it in the future I wouldn't be unhappy :)

Ye, I understand and I can only wish that happens, because that means every alpha player will have done and contributed to that...

Great I tought what are you doing when you did that. But you aren't not for nothing living from crypto. Luck and good gut feeling about stuff.. noo it's not a feather in your behind but it's simple the truth.

It's a bit a pitty that my youtube streams don't come automatic with share2steem anymore otherwise I would have posted on their new site also.

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Don't worry. I made plenty of bad investment too. Zapl and Dporn for instance. I consider all that money gone.

I just deleted the Zapl app from my phone the other day :(

That is pretty awesome! I still have a bunch of Alpha and Gold cards. I really wish I had held onto some of my other ones now though. I might be in a much better position. I am pretty happy with the way things are progressing and I hope in the future I can get some more good cards that I might be able to turn a profit on. I typically am behind the curve when it comes to being the best time to buy and sell cards.

Dear @exyle

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Those cards you presented are not really making much of an impression (looking a bit cheap-ish).

I didn't even MAX mine out

What does it mean? (Im not really cards player)

ps. wouldn't you consider investing in cards quite a "risky gamble"?


You might want to educate yourself a bit more about Steem Monsters because it's one of the greatest apps currently being developed on Steem.

The cards look cheapish because those were the old cards. I'm showcasing how the game USED to look.

MAX out means getting your cards to lvl 10 (they start at 1).

Even though I knew trading cards had potential it wouldn't be the first time I lost money on a 'more exotic' investment.

Of course, it was a gamble. I even wrote that. Now my investment is worth 10 grand and growing daily. I don't complain.

I really love the design of the old cards.

I remember I had a Lightning dragon for myself, and when they changed it from gold to purple I was quite sad at first, but now I am fine with it, because I got used to dragons being purple.

Haha, Same here. But the new Design fits the current game much better!

That's awesome to see the contrast between then and now.

It brings back a lot of memories, haha.

Till date how much investment you have done on this?

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Awesome story bro on steemmonster game

I want to learn this kind of iconography! Teach me.

Great great @exyle

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Nice I have like single alpha cards but I never maxed them out :( Beta however is MAXXED ready for the next phase.

Mark @exyle It Only gets Better From Here Going Forward. Nobody even Knows yet How Valuable some of these Cards are going to Become !

It will be incredible !