Splinterlands Contest! Win 25 STEEM if you guess all 10 monsters correctly!

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I miss some fun on Steem and I used to run content about video games that I liked.

From time to time I really want to run some form of contest again but I want to mix it up too and not stick to one subject.

Today we have a Spinterlands Special.

In this picture, I have hidden 10 Splinterlands monsters. Click here for high Resolution


How does this work?


Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 12.50.18.png

This represents the Undead Priest!

Screenshot 2019-10-13 at 12.53.18.png

The first person to write down correctly all 10 monsters that are hidden in the picture wins 25 STEEM!

I hope you will enjoy this contest and I hope it's not to easy!

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I'm stuck on those switches and it's lunch time so here's my best guess:

pirate captain
skeleton assassin
highland archer
grumpy dwarf
haunted spider
ruler of the seas
plado emberstorm
mermaid healer
defender of truth

but that doesn't use all the images. 😂

Good fun though!

Ahhh I knew I had 9 correct. But why plado ember storm though? Can’t figure that out.

the bust is plato
the men with the oven thing is ember
the storm is the landscape

at least that's what I thought @jrvacation! 😂

That is almost correct.

The man with the oven thing is = smith

Plato Ember Storm.

Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 10.43.03.png

Oh yeah. I went back and forth with the flames I remember, when trying out combinations. But I thought the cartoon man was Smith? 😂

 last year (edited)

Gillian, I am happy to tell you that you are the only one who got all ten correct! Well done!

Btw...those switches are on the 'off' side. As in Defender OF truth.

I will send you your well-deserved price now!

Wow. That's amazing. I wasn't sure.

Thanks Mark! Great contest. 😁

Great Contest Mark @exyle and love how you tied in Steemmonsters

Fun contest! I can only figure out 7

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all 10 correct monsters

I know you know that you just made me edit the post.

Needed to read it twice to get it lol

Skeleton assassin
Miscevious mermaid
haunted spider
Pirate captain
Water elemental
Silvershield warrior

I cant find more

 last year (edited)

3 out of those 6 you wrote down are correct :)

Hmmm. I've got 10 but I'm not sure of a few of them.

Do they all have more than one image?
Does one have 3 images?


 last year (edited)

Yes, they all have more than 1 image and some have 3 images :)

Sooooo frustrating. I've got 9 of them but I can't work out what those switches are. 😢


Thank you for this contest, I LOVE these games! Here it goes; almost 100% sure in 7 of them, the rest... I'll find out soon:

Ruler of the seas
Pirate Captain
Grumpy Dwarf
Mermaid healer
Skeleton assassin
Haunted Spider
Alric Stormbringer
Lord of Fire

I've got 7 of those too @pardinus and 2 others plus 1 I'm stuck on. 😂

Hahaha I bet when we know for sure it would seem easy :) Good luck!

  1. Pirate Archer
  2. Skeleton Assassin
  3. Haunted Spider
  4. Pirate Captain
  5. Alrich Stormbringer
  6. Grumpy Dwarf
  7. Ruler of the seas
  8. Exploding Dwarf
  9. Mischevious mermaid
  10. Silvershield Knight

Nice contest thanks for that! :)

Mischvous Mermaid
Silvershield Paladin
Crustcean King
Fereal Spirit
Pirate Captain
Grumpy Dwarf
Dwarfen Wizard
Air Elemental
Water Elemental
Sone Golem
Pirate Captain

Let's see...
Ruler of the seas
Grumpy dwarf
Skeleton assassin
Pirate captain
Mermaid healer
Haunted spider
Defender of truth
Highland archer
Fire demon

Funy contest!
Mischvous Mermaid , Skeleton Assassin, Silvershield Paladin, Pirate Captain, Frozen Soldier, Ruler of the See, Crustacean King, Lord Ariantus, Feral spirit, Vampire

Skeleton assassin
Fire demon
Grumpy dwarf
Ruler of the seas
Haunted spider
Pirate captain
Mischievous mermaid
Feral spirit
Silvershield warrior
Defender of truth

I am so confused,LOLZ

I apologize for the spam phishing comment made from my stolen account. I've recovered the account and am editing all the phishing comments to "deleted".

I am just seeing this, so congrats to the winner. Bummed that I didn't get to participate.