What a FOMO morning! Bitcoin, Splinterlands, Pal token and STEEM itself.

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Even though I'm on board, I still get that FOMO feeling.

I just love waking up to green markets and that good feeling that comes with it.

First I wake up to a new yearly high on Bitcoin which is always a welcoming sight!

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 09.57.49.png

I can't believe we are already on the way to 10k again.

It's only 6 months ago when BTC was 'dying' at $3100.

I did take a little bit of profit this morning (reluctantly) but not much, I don't really want to trade against this trend but I do need to keep a straight head too and not get swept up by FOMO feelings.

When it comes to STEEM that's getting a little harder.

Not sure about you guys but my mind is constantly spinning when it comes to investing in STEEM now.

There is just so much to do on this blockchain of ours.

The first thing I did this morning is buying some Splinterlands cards I really wanted.

One of them this guy!

Look at that artwork, it's just amazing.

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 09.56.59.png

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 09.55.54.png

These cards have proven to be a solid bet on our blockchain. They are good at keeping their value and they become rarer over time usually increasing their value.

Plus I love the game, I can't help it.

And then I went to Steem-Engine and see this:

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 10.12.47.png

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 09.54.34.png

Yeah, that the PAL token. From the new community palnet.io.

Man, It's going for almost a 1/3th of a STEEM already.

I gotta admit I didn't see that one coming.

That @aggroed guy wasn't lying when he said he's creating sinks for STEEM.

And then for me, the ultimate FOMO is STEEM itself.

With all that's been built by all the builders and now all those new use cases for STEEM too plus all the connections that are being made to other blockchains through Steem-Engine and STEEMP.

Plus the fact that I'm pretty sure now we have bottomed for STEEM/USD according to my indicators.

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 10.14.22.png

Let's see how all this will develop in the upcoming weeks/months.

It's beginning to look good!


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There is so much going on its hard to keep up with all the cool new tokens related to Steem.
Now a post can earn Steem, Snax, PAL & SPT for posting and DEC for delegating and playing Steem Monsters.
I wish I had more time!

I want to configure my posts to be earning Steem, Snax, PAL, & SPT haha. So far just Steem and PAL set up.

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The PAL token has really surprised me. Glad I bought 1000 at .10, and I know there are others who loaded up under that price. Could PAL match STEEM on price, possible!

Enjoy your Sunday :)

I managed to swoop in at 0.05
Very happy with that. Happier by the day, by the look of it :)

Beautiful :D

I'm still collecting bits, can you say BULLISH!

How long until Steem Engine displays a 'Steem dominance' percentage?

Well done man!

Respect man! That was a great move by you!

I'm still buying when i see an opportunity, the rise to .7999 the other day tells me there is more to come!

The price of STEEM/BTC is very low right now. Picked some up this morning at 4330 sats

My charts tell me STEEM/BTC is still a bit bearish, I hope we can hold above your buying levels that would be sweet!

Bitcoin at $9.3k. Haven't seen this level for more than a year. Can't wait for STEEM to do something similar :)

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FOMO is going on in the market . I think it will be hit at the 11000$ soon. As per the condition is going on.

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Much to on the Steem blockchain but now with community tools like Steem Engine and Steem Keychain the foundational building blocks are there to build really cool stuff.

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Looks good, yeah...
I think it will depend on the
attacks of the governments
against free cryptocurrencies...
Where can i buy / do they offer some Pal?

hahahah same thing happening over here....too much going on I dont even know ehere to start with being siked, so a do a bit of everything which might not be the smartest one hahahah

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I did exact the same things this morning as you :) The prices of some Splinterlands cards were too good to not buy them... Actually, investments in those cards will be better than some coin investments.. :)

Yeah, so many good things happening on Steem now via Steem-Engine mostly. I had hope Steem would be at $1 by now but I guess we have to wait more. Cheers.

Now that bull run trend to be happening again for sure we are so close to that mark

Mark @exyle you will be a STEEMIANARE in the Next Year !

Great news about btc prices! It's looking to be shaping into a good year for tokens. It's always great to catch up with your blog! Palnet is a fun place to hangout! Have a fantastic day 🍉🎶🐒

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This is great :D
i just love crypto and yep pal

If the first time BTC went up, the sentiment changed from bear to bullish, now that it looks like the consolidation is done, the moon becomes a reality once again!!

Electric Eels is pretty awesome. I think I got a couple of them via orbs and I have used it occasionally in my battles.