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RE: Freeing up some time on Splinterlands. I have decided to start using the Herons Unlimited service.

in #exylelast year

I sold all of my SteemMonsters cards after I kinda lost interest in the game. It gets really repetitive for me and finding matches was incredibly slow.

It was fun for a while to me but I get bored easily and figured I would sell everything back into STEEM. Unfortunately STEEM did nothing but go straight down after that.


Steem Monsters keeps evolving with new rulesets and more players. Guilds are about to come out. The mobile app is on its way! Earning DEC tokens has added tremendous value to the game.

I love playing the game. I wish I had more time. That's why I like this service. The moment I have more time I can play again and still have all my cards.

The cards also keep going up compared to most markets.

There is no way I'm selling any of them.