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Hello Everyone!

Its being a long time I made a post here…..if I am not mistaken, it’s almost a year. Before my disappearance, I made few posts, made friends and also learnt a lot on various aspect of blogging within a short period of time.
You might be wondering what made me disappear, the reason is not far-fetched….my long absence was due to the fact that I was unemployed at that moment ,then I find it hard to achieve my secondary motive of joining steemit which is to earn passive income that I can be using to settle my bills. So I had to leave to get myself a job when that wasn’t enough….lol

I know your thought now will be what made me come back???…….I was on twitter yesterday when I came across a post about $STEEM #SEVEN77 push up challenge started by @nathanmars7, I decided to make some enquiries about it, my positive result findings about the project couldn’t hold me back from not joining the challenge to push STEEM to a higher level.

I could remember joining steemit around June last year through a friend ,he always show me this platform and how I can use it to explore the blogging world and also possibly earn some passive income, honestly his persistence made to join and I can say I didn’t regret joining .

Steemit has contributed positively into my life and in my own little way of showing support for STEEM #SEVEN77 challenge!
I have started making video posts on twitter https://twitter.com/Neyor44/status/1148570507672989696
Follow me : https://twitter.com/neyor44 to watch my daily push up challenge.

If you have not joined $STEEM #SEVEN77 challenge yet ,
Follow the following steps to participate:

  1. To get started,make a video of yourself doing seven push up and anything that sums up to seven

  2. Then use the below caption:
    *Day 01 of 777
    *You will mention why you like steem
    #Steem #Seven77 @nathanMars7
    * I was invited by @neyor44
    *Pushing steem up to $7.77

  3. Then Upload on twitter.com

I will like to acknowledge the efforts of the visionary leaders of this great challenge @nathanmars @nathanmars7, every #SEVEN77 family, all true believers of steem, for this wonderful initiative. Together we are making $7.77 $STEEM a dream come true this year.

I welcome myself back to steemit................I welcome myself into #SEVEN77 family.

Longlive #SEVEN77 FAMILY!
Longlive STEEMIT!!
Longlive STEEM!!!


So welcome again to steemit and welcome to seven77.
We have to look more optimistically ... I believe there will always be changes. Not only because of the changing circumstances, but the spirit in us needs to be improved to make the changes themselves. and let's build our optimism in the midst of the downturn in Steem.

That's it .....if we all can be motivated to continue supporting this Seven77 movement ,i believe before this year runs out ,we will definitely look back and say YES we made it happen ....Thanks for the comment

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This is so kind of you ,i am so grateful .Together we will make steemit /steem great again.... Thank you so much

You're welcome @neyor

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