Day-611-Freewrite Sunday Paralyzed & SM Update

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: paralyzed

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest below:
My girlfriend Debbie spends alotta time in our backyard garden, so I found this cool solar water fountain on eBay to give her. You can find the for $9.99 each, with free shipping from China. All you do is add it to a body of water and the pump starts spurting water.
On cloudy days the spurts are short, but on really sunny days...
the fountain sprays about 16" inches high. The first day after I dropped the fountain in the birdbath, all the birds were paralyzed in their little birdy tracks and didn't want to go near the fountain. Now they're frolicking in the water, just like before. The fountain circulates the water and keeps it from growing algae. The sound of water splashing, makes our backyard oasis even more soothing. ⛲

Story and photos by Bruni
My Steem Monsters quest today was with the Earth Splinter. I received five extra reward cards because of my Quest Potion and here they are:
No gold today, but I'm still pleased.

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That looks like a wonderful thing to have in your backyard! I always try to have water sources for the wildlife

This would go perfect in your backyard. 👏

That's quite the neat thing you found. I like the sounds of splashing.

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It really is a fun item. 👍

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Ha ha, that cracked me up that the fountain made the birds stop in their little birdie tracks!

They didn't know what was going on. The big grackles were the first brave bird to jump in.

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Howdy sir wonderwop! I love that thing, that's perfect for Texas. Well, normal Texas weather, not sure about this year! lol. But you can't beat the price especially if it lasts a couple years, you never know. I think I'll show this to the Missus.

A friend of Debbie's wants one so I'm giving him my extra that I bought and will buy more. They took about a month to get here from China. 😁

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A month! lol.. oh well, for that price..

It's so adorable...I hope the birds enjoy it very much

It really is fun to watch. 😁

It looks so nice!! It's like the butterflies are swimming inside!! Hahaha

It sure does @joelai. I didn't notice before. 👍

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Haha.. It's really lovely!

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Awesome @curationkiwi 👏

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Nice ❤️ I love birds and fountains ⛲️ That’s a great price for something so enjoyable.

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I thought it was very reasonable, I hope it lasts a while. 🤞

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Thank you @drotto 💕

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So amazing how birds can get used to something new.
This is a great little fountain my friend!

Thank you, I'll be ordering more. 😁

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