Day-663-Freewrite Wednesday Rat

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: rat

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I know most of my fellow Freewriters have seen my posts about my fifteen year old rat catcher before, but today my little three tooth wonder got lost in the garage. It was 103° degrees outside and this little bigger slipped past Debbie and we couldn't find him for hours. I'm not sure if Snickers just likes the heat on his old bones, or if he's out there hunting something. He's not like Maxine, who used to lay her trophies at our feet after a long day in the yard. I ended up finding Snick between an old steamer trunk and some bags of mulch. If it wasn't for him having a sneezing fit, I may have never found him in there. I coaxed him out of the garage with some of his favorite treats, fed him, and then 30 minutes later he was lurking by the garage door waiting for Debbie to go get something out of the freezer. Now we have to check the garage before we leave for the day, especially with these 100° plus days during the month of August. 🔥🔥🔥

Story and photo by Bruni
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That cat looks huge from the perspective of the photo.

Either you're tiny or your cat is a giant! Glad you managed to rescue ol' Snick 🙂

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I had a similar problem with my cat Patches. She'd darted past me into the garage, climbed up a ladder, across the rafters and got stuck in a wall! It took hours of coaxing her to go back the way she went in. I started thinking about hacking out the wall.
Those cats. Always up to something.
Glad you got him back

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Tricky cat))) Cats are generally unpredictable and plastic animals ... they can climb almost everywhere))

He is a hider ...! So cute ! i am glad you found him, though, some animals are not the wisest when it comes down to their own well being hahaha

Hi father of Snickers and maxine did you know we have a caturday server ?

I did, I just wasn't sure if it was Saturday posts only @brittandjosie.

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All cat related blogs can be free promoted there i know you do that in other servers too so feel free to do it with us too 😉🐈

Oh my goodness @wonderwop, watch out for little Snickers! 103 in the garage, yike you'll have a cooked kitty. Must have found something important to hunt for, a special gift for you and Debbie :)

I have had cats all my life, and they still puzzle me with the weird things they do. One of ours somehow got himself locked in a vehicle a couple of times. Fortunately, the weather was not extreme.

Ah what a cuddly cat!
I've had our cat get locked in the garde too - it does make you very watchful of them so it doesn't repeat its self!

What a strange kitty. He probably feels more comfortable in the garage. Or, is he just playing, human, come and find me?

Probably both. 😁

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I think the worse feeling is not able to find them in the house and worry about their safety. Luckily snitch is safe.