Day-665-Freewrite Friday House Guest 🏠

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: house guest

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Well it looks like I got a new house guest at my residence today, and boy it he big. I love these big spiders and I welcome every one of them. Natural pesticides are so much better than poison. I think the last time I had the exterminators over was in 1997, when I bought my house. Sure I have the usual scorpions, centipedes, and cockroaches, but when I see see those cute baby rattlesnakes in my backyard, my heart melts. I usually relocate them at the mean man's house at the end of the block. He's one of the officer's of our Home Owners Association and he always sends me letter's to cut my grass. I don't do my yard work, I gotta guy! 😁 It's been over a 100° degrees all this week so I'm pretty sure the critters will be surfacing to find some water. Yay, more house guests!

Story and photo by Bruni
I reached Diamond III last night, but I didn't finish there, so I still received 13 cards. I have to say that this is the best daily rewards cards since my beginning of playing Splinterlands. The Life Splinter was used to win my 5 battles!

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Lol gotta relocate the snakes to be able to cut the grass 😉

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I grew up in a guest house but never saw a spider like that

Nice house guest Bruni, good idea dropping other house guests off at the neighbour. In the heat who mows gardens?

Lol, you have some really weird house guest @wonderwop!

I know right. Thank God they don't stay long. 🤣

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Yes, very lucky!

I don't know if I could share a house with that big guy. I never was afraid of spiders until bit once in my sleep by one that took weeks for it to heal and itched so bad that I woke bleeding. LOL on the snake issue.

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As long as he stays outside I'm good with him. 😁

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Scorpions! What 😱..

Am here to deliver the weekend freewrite.

Pick this, just one, write
Enjoy the five minutes run, dive
A 3-1 prompt for the boss
Write, write, earn without flux
Do have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

Thanks for the prompt drop @botefarm. 💪

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The spiders are cool because they eat flies, but you can keep the snakes to take to the mean guy's house! 😬