Day-669-Freewrite Tuesday Knife

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: knife

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
Last week I went into my favorite coin shop looking for some cheap silver. As I was waiting to be helped, I was perusing the bid board and I ran across this 1972 Kennedy Half dollar. The bid board is like a silent auction, where you write your bidder number and auction amount next to it. They also have a buy it now feature, where you add $3 to the last bid and it's yours. Well, the half dollar was on the bid board with an opening bid of $5, so I scarfed it up for $8. As I examined it closely, I noticed it was a knife.
I thought it would be the perfect gift for my brother, as he likes odd knives. The blades are stainless, one is sharpened and the other is not. I think this would make a lucky pocket piece for him, if not he can just add it to his collection.

Story and photos by Bruni
Today my Earth Splinter was used to fight my daily battles and I did awesome with it. This is the first time ever that I finished my daily quest in five battles.

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Wow - that is really unusual!!
Since I have the expert here - what year am I supposed to keep in quarters? I forgot :( and just got a whole bunch...

@mariannewest Anything 1964 and before are silver. I keep all 1999. And if you find any 2019 with a "W" mint mark, keep those also. 👍

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Thank you!!!

This is really a special coin. And it is timely with the freewrite prompt too. Yay!

Sometimes I get lucky @iamjadeline 💕

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Neat to see it has been made into a pocket knife, nice short write and gift all in all Bruni the @wonderwop

Thank you @joanstewart 💕

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That is a perfect gift for your brother and I am sure he will love it. Why didn't the bid board say it was a knife?

Resident cat here, wishing you a great day Bruni as I deliver today's new prompt.

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Sometimes their too lazy to add a description. 🤣

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That is a very cool piece and I though it was one of those coins that has flaws. But I doubt you could by anything with it over the counter lol.

Maybe for fifty cents. 😁

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Yeah, Antiques are always good for a gift!

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You Yanks sure have some peculiar expressions! .....I scarfed it up. I've not heard that one before.


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