Day-676-Freewrite Tuesday Uncertain Future

in freewrite •  9 months ago 

Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: uncertain future

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
Today was a very special day for us Steemians with the implementation of HardFork21, now our future is uncertain, or is it. We'll keep writing our daily Freewrites or posting our nature photos because we love this platform. Uncensored, with the potential of earning some crypto, hoping for a generous upvote or even just a meaningful comment. I wish I had a crystal ball, so I could foresee the future of Steem. Right now I could double my Steem holdings for less than $200, should I pull the trigger? All I know for sure is I'll be here everyday with my daily Freewrite and Splinterlands quest rewards cards update. 👍

Story by Bruni
Another day of battles with my Life Splinter and here are my quest reward cards. No gold foil or legendarys today.

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Would be nice to have a 🔮. Like your cartoon. 😂

We would all be rich Red. 🙏

That’s more or less my attitude too, just keep plodding along. What else can you do when the decision making is out of your hands.
It’s the Wednesday prompt delivery team here with the painful prompt for today:

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You're exactly right. 👍

I've been thinking about taking advantage of these low steem prices too...SO tempting! Nicely done #freewrite, @wonderwop! 😊

Thank you Traci. 💕

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