Day-677-Freewrite Wednesday Burnt Skin

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: burnt skin

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The heat is still beating down on us here in San Antonio Texas, and our lawns are dying. My gardener texted me if I needed yard work and I had to pass. Then he asked of he could get an advance, so he could pay a bill, of course I said yes. Debbie does most of the gardening at her house, but I always need to remind her to come inside. She is a pale skinned Irish girl, so she gets sunburned very easily. I'm still looking for something with 100 SPI sunblock to slather on her when she's out working in the garden. I feel bad when Debbie get sunburned plus I like all my burnt skin on the Thanksgiving turkey. 🦃 We're leaving for Nebraska in a couple week to go see her folks, I hope it's a lot cooler up north.

Story by Bruni
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Sunburn is so painful!

My nickname is Morticia these days! Gardening gets down in the early evening and sometimes even in the dark!

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The sun is up on the head every day over here in Malaysia...but sunburn is still common! There's no immunity!

So, indeed, prepare your sunblock...

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What's it with these Irish chicks and their fair skins my friend?
Marian can also not spend more that a few minutes in the sun, otherwise she goes as red as your turkey.

Oh, I used organic ACV mixed with water for the sunburns, It helps with the pain!

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Howdy sir wonderwop! Almost anyplace is cooler than where you guys are! lol. I bet Nebraska will feel like Fall.