Day-766-Freewrite Monday Disoriented

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: disoriented

If you've never written a Freewrite before, please visit today's post by @mariannewest
I went to Sam's Club to pick up some last minute Thanksgiving goodies today and I was so disoriented. Why is it that stores feel the need to change everything around right before the holidays. When I worked for Handy-Andy #11 in my teens, we used to do that all the time. Management said that it made customers stay longer in the store and they'd buy more groceries. That was in the '70s and they still do it today. Too bad they don't teach manners in school like they did in the '70s! 😠

Freewrite by Bruni

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I feel disoroented too at the time. My screen stays blank 😭 but you have my upvote 💕

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Thank you @wakeupkitty, you are so supportive. 💕

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@wonderwop You are welcome and you write funny and easy to read freewrites. I love them. Keep writing! ❤️

Can I ask did you initially use the SPT tag then do an edit?

Yes I did use the SPT tag but I realized my mistake, as I had no Splinterlands update in this post @contestkings, good catch. 👍

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I can't stand it when they move stuff around. so annoying!

All these kids are all thinking they're entitled and don't know really know what it's like to earn anything. Manners absent for sure.

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Over here schools have become a dangerous place since corporate punishment have been banned. So bad that pupils are killing each other with sharp objects.
Black Friday has arrived over here which is a golden opportunity for the stores to implement even more tricks to lure the sheep!