Red Curtain-5minutefreewrite


When I look at the red curtain in front of me
I wonder who runs the show, I wish I could see

Who is the mastermind operator behind this intelligence?
Is it a robot? or a light being waiting for us to reach elegance?

Or is it a monstrous machine made out of cold Iron?
With its all seeing eyes watching us like a clever lion?

Is it like a triangle having sharp corners of three
each having a purpose, causing torment and glee

One for disasters unseen from indulgence
The other gives blessings on the surface

Special hidden purpose is reserved for the third one
Creating fences but also joining every two into one

A piece of red velvet cloth flees under a tree
I pick it up, I know its message is the key

Written "never again" in black ink with a fragrance
A passion emanated from the red color only once

I wonder how will I come to know this "never again"?
I wish I knew how this "never" ends with this brain

I tried the five minute freewrite using prompt "Red Curtain"
from @mariannewest daily prompts. If you want to participate use @freewritehouse to win Steem Basic Income weekly!
My draft turned into a poem and I polished this one a lot to make it perfect, and this is the result. I hope you enjoyed reading this poem.
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