Airdrop: Yes or No?

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I don't remember when I shared something related to Splinterlards last time. I was busy with other stuff, and I didn't like last game updates so much. But I still keep playing it, mainly because I belong to the best guild!

But today I want to share briefly one thing...the airdrop. Everyone knows that you can get a card airdrop if you purchase card packs. I didn't buy many card packs directly from the game. I usually did it through monstersmarket or from Hive engine. So game shows that I have just 46 card packs eligible for the airdrop.

I play the Splinterlands for more than a year and I don't know exactly how many times I clicked on the Airdrop button, closed my eyes with a hope to get a card, while that loading round was running...


I did the same today...Probably that airdrop started a long before but I didn't track the game news for a long time. I was just doing the daily quests...

Anyways, I got that annoying window again...


Well, what to do... Maybe I should buy new packs...But I was planning to buy the lands, cuz last time I couldn't do it...It finished so fast...

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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Yay! 🤗
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