Solve the Next Cryptic Block for Real Money Valued Prizes Free Version 1.1

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Prize Pool 26,000 DEC CAN GO HIGHER

Object: Guess the three cards above as they are revealed and given clues.

Above are 3 Splinterlands Cards. They won't change until this round is over. If you want to play this round and get a share
of the prize pool then jump in free. There is no entry cost. A captain will be selected for the round or in the worst-case
situation majority vote will rule.

If your captain takes a guess or a majority vote consensus takes a guess and is wrong then the prize pool will lower 1,000 DEC.

Captains will decide how to split the prize. I will make suggestions looking over his proposed final prize dividing and may
even correct him/her if I feel they grossly ignored someone's effort. Put votes for a captain in comments and discuss the game or discuss it in the specific discord channel

Here is the great news!
More people playing increases the prize pool
The more social media interaction with the game by players the faster clues appear and the faster top secret blockers are removed

To participate you must be in discord:

You can only text communicate at the channel #discordgames when chatting about the game at discord
we need to be highly organized

Clues may appear at twitter, discord, facebook, twitch, and/or hive blog but not limited to

Clues will be labeled with example 1.1 so you know which round they are for
Clues will talk about the cards
Clues will have strange characters at the end that are used for a side game because we need max entertainment

Side game Key
$=A %=B ^=C &=D *=E (=F )=G +=H ;=I :=J "=K <=L ,=M >=N .=O /=P {=Q [=R }=S ]=T |=U V=V W=W X=X Y=Y Z=Z

When you find the side game letters they must be unscrambled to solve the riddle

If someone solves the side game riddle for the round 5,000 DEC is added to the prize pool

Side Game Riddle: A Movie in the Woods?

Your first clue is here and you'll also see how it works

crypticclues 1.1 The first card is above one mana ]

I will place three other clues out there tonight, don't worry if you miss a clue, you can still play

Stuff you don't need to know but might be interested in:
The original version of this game had an entry cost. The game no longer does. The game also came out planning to only have
one winner per round. I think that is a mistake because it doesn't encourage people to work together. There are multiple winners now and group interaction is rewarded. A minor prize of the original game was awarded. The early version required that the cards be purchased or won somewhere. That has changed. I feel that I covered everything but nobody is perfect and I may need to edit something. Please allow some time to get things perfect as we progress. When this game was first being put together it got a lot of support so I'm pleased to revisit it. Always remember there is no cost to you. Also, remember there is a cost to the game so
supporting it with upvotes or even donations of dec to @marcuswahl is appreciated.

With that how bout a couple of in the spirit videos:


Do you not know what DEC is or what splinterlands is? Join Free:

Update: we reached 2 twitter likes, discord participation, 28 upvotes, new discord members
500 dec has been added and more of the top secret cover is gone
Hopefully, this indicates how the game interacts with you

Unfortunately, there wasn't any facebook interaction :(


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thanks for the fun @marcuswahl

good stuff right

very, i like it better than the original 1 lol