Find the Hidden Angels of Light for Real Money Valued Prizes! Hint: Girl's Dress

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In my opinion, you'll only have a shot at finding two of them without seeing a larger picture
There is only one in the dress

Here is your larger picture:

What it looks like:

angeloflight.png hiddenpicture.png

One person may claim one angel only, each angel is worth 200 DEC$ EACH!
First to say where they are in discord

channel: #discordgames

There are 9 Angels Total
Difficulty rating

2 Easy
1 Medium
1 Hard
5 Very Hard

Nobody wins a prize until all angels are found, you might need friends for help



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Feedback in comments please I've used tangrams, mazes, jigsaws, and word unscambles
Are there other classics I might want to use? Is there something you would like to see?

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I found one and put a comment in the discord. 8 more to go.

This was fun. Reminds me of those old magazine games, which you had to compare to find the differences 😆

It's good stuff been working on a lot of puzzles :)