GAMING ON STEEM : have I got all the resources here - please check the list

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Gaming has big potential on Steem.

New games are popping up all the time, and it can be difficult to keep track.

I try to follow all the different games so that I can ensure I cover all the relevant developments in the daily Steem News, but I suspect I am missing a few.

Here is everything game-related on Steem I know of. Please comment if I have missed anything.





Any games, any tribes, any sites, any thing related to Steem gaming I have missed?

Please comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921) with any additions or amendments.

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How abt IFC? Well it's like a game to me so I dunno...

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Thanks for the mention artgirl. :) I hope you're doing well!

Yes I'm fine. 😊 Haven't been able to join IFC lately. Lol.

Glad to hear you're doing fine! And yeah no worries, I imagine you're pretty busy? The regular season actually finished a while back, but us judges have been busy and it's going slow and are playing catch up. We're still judging round 9 right now, so I would say you could get a late entry in for any round from 11 up to 20 if you wanted to.

You only need to get 1 point to make it into the finals this season and have a chance at the 200 steem grand prize, so I think you'd have a good chance if you tried, but I understand if you don't! The world is busy indeed.

What is IFC?

Check here: @ifc

It's on Season 2.

The IFC is the Information Finding Championship. I see artgirl left some details and I think I left a comment on one of your posts before about our contest/game, though just figured I should say something since I saw your question.

Our game was very popular and had quite a few players in the first season, the second season has been a bit slower, though I'm still very passionate about it.

The objective is that I basically pick a subject for each round which could be almost anything and the players make entries about it. They can usually choose how they go about it, they could write a poem or make a video or draw a picture or write up a technical article or just about anything as long as it has to do with the subject. Then me and the other judges decide which ones we like most and award points and at the end of each season we do a finals and then a championship to see who the winner is.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
We do have some decently big names on the platform supporting us and I still hope that someday it becomes much more popular. :)


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You are missing Steem's best kept secret which is @klye's dice site:
please note it is under development but still fun

We developed a killers game based on Steem, steemkillers

I have developed 3 new strategic trading games on Steem Engine.
@ONECENT and TULIP (@Busbecq) are currently live, whereas @ADDAX is in cashing-out phase and Round 3 will start soon.

I don't know what category they would fit in, perhaps their own. I started calling them STIGs (strategic trading income games, or even steem trading income games).

About Splinterlands,

is there a TokenBB forum as well?

I don't see it linked in the game menu anymore, and last post was over 10 days ago, so it may be phased out:

Thanks for information

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SplinterTalk - (is there a TokenBB forum as well?)

Yes there is: