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RE: Future of Gaming

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Might & Magic.

I still understand why people loves the splinterlands. I am with your mind!

I played M&M in my youth and it was cool.

Today i play less, becouse i have to work. :-D



Yeah, work definitely made it more difficult to find time to play my favorite games. That's kind of my take with gaming now, is that everyone is so busy nowadays that making money of some sort by playing is a great way to keep gaming a part of everyone's lives, so they can make the time to play.

That is true. But be carefull of the evolution of the gaming/paying marcet. I think it is a high risk to invest to early.

The fun on gaming itself, should everytime be the topic. For me i play one day per month, that is "enough" and my time in game is used very good. Less is sometimes more for me. :-) Expactly on gaming. :-)

Good points, it certainly needs to be done the right way. I like the ownership aspect of it with Splinterlands, where the cards that you earn/win can be sold in an in-game marketplace to others that are looking for cards to purchase for themselves. Players just getting paid to play a game is a different animal and left to more "professionals", which is why I like to follow Intergalactic Gaming, where those players are more high-level sponsored type of players that are competitive.