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RE: Future of Gaming

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That is true. But be carefull of the evolution of the gaming/paying marcet. I think it is a high risk to invest to early.

The fun on gaming itself, should everytime be the topic. For me i play one day per month, that is "enough" and my time in game is used very good. Less is sometimes more for me. :-) Expactly on gaming. :-)


Good points, it certainly needs to be done the right way. I like the ownership aspect of it with Splinterlands, where the cards that you earn/win can be sold in an in-game marketplace to others that are looking for cards to purchase for themselves. Players just getting paid to play a game is a different animal and left to more "professionals", which is why I like to follow Intergalactic Gaming, where those players are more high-level sponsored type of players that are competitive.