Learning from lost battles

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As days progress and quests are completed with an amount of difficulty in the case of some splinters like the death splinter in my case, I have made it a habit to study lost battles so that I should not repeat the same mistake again.

Sometimes, it helps me because the cards I choose are good enough and sometimes even after choosing the right cards, the opponent does have better cards which are far superior and mine are vanquished beyond trace.

Be like a spider

A Splinterlands warrior should be like a spider. Have you observed the spider?

The spider always tries to weave the web in spite of being swept off time and again. It never gives up nor does it think about having ego issues and such. (the man has to learn a lot from the animal kingdom)
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Was it my choice of cards that got me defeated? It probably was and it will certainly take time to study and progress.

This is what makes Splinterlands a great game because each player has the opportunity to study past games' mistakes and move accordingly.

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I am still learning and struggling to reach the next level but that is what makes it fun. An easy to climb up the ladder would not be exciting enough and people would soon get bored.


Season ends in six days. So, it is a run to the finish to raise the level.

A huge thanks to a few special persons who gifted packs and cards to help me.

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If anyone wants to lease level 1 cards for free to me @filler or @sayee Please consider it. It will be used and leveled up as the game progresses and you can withdraw it when you please


Nice post! Loved the spider image. Try to make practical comments on this learning so we can learn from you too!

Thanks a lot. I will try my best although I am no expert.

You are already giving us very good advice, thanks and congratulations for the great work.