69.6969% win-rate!

in #gaming2 months ago

Well this probably would not last long and I expect by tomorrow I will once again suffer 10+ long losing streaks once in the morning and once in the afternoon but I just wanna brag about my current win-rate for this season. XD

Out of a total 66 ranked matches I did this season, I have won 46 times or a win-rate of 69.696969%. My highest known win-rate (at least whenever I have time checking my win-rates xD).


What made me really glad about this series of wins the first days when the season started is that a player 'gets more DEC wins' on the first few days the season started rather than the DEC they will get near the end of the season.

At the moment I am averaging at 45-70 DEC per ranked match won so I'm really glad that I am winning more at the first two days of this season. Although I'm also a little bit scared of tomorrow and the next few days since the game tends to bring players down to 45% win-rate (at least for me) for the whole the season.

I expect I would be matched up against strong opponents in a row tomorrow and would bring down that win-rate to probably 50%. If it were me, I would really appreciate it if the game starts matching me full leveled players on the 5th day since by that time my DEC per ranked match won would probably only be at 20 DEC. XD