Achievement Unlocked: Win a Battle against someone with 12,000,000+ Collection Power!

in #gaming2 months ago

Not really a real in-game achievement but more like a personal one as I surprisingly managed to win a ranked matched today against someone with over 12,000,000 Collection Power! Jesvs how many zeroes is that! XD

Screenshot 2021-03-23 180442.jpg

Honestly at this point I am no longer surprised to see an account with millions of millions of power but is battling me a DIAMOND III player. As you guys can see above, it's another one of those matches where I am again against someone of ~200 Battle Points higher than me. At this point really it's just me thinking that this is the game's way of slowly downing my win-rate to my usual 42% every season.

Yesterday was 56% and now it's down to 52.7%. Still a long way to go so I expect another series of loses tomorrow. XD

Anyways, back to me bragging over my once in a blue moon win. Here's the account to prove that he has 12,000,000 Power. I'm just gonna go hide the name and guild though. XD

Screenshot 2021-03-23 180523.jpg

Had to say though that the MVP of this match is my KRAKEN's 9 SPEED (after all the buffs from my other monsters). Even dodging the opponents EXPLODING DWARF which honestly made me initially thought that I was gonna lose this battle.

Screenshot 2021-03-23 182151.jpg

As much as I am happy with that lucky win above, my win-rate overall today has gone down from 56% yesterday to 52.7% after a series of loses. LOL




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