Back to DIAMOND II !

in #gaming2 months ago

Oh well as expected it seems like this season is once again a no go for me to reach the CHAMPIONS league again. It is however one of the season where I easily reached the DIAMOND I leagues although it was a see-saw to DIAMOND II afterwards.

With only less than 2 days left remaining before the current season ends, I am not anymore expecting the CHAMPIONS league (not that I've been expecting it for months though XD). What I'm really looking forward to now is the LAND. I bought 2 Plots so I at least have something to experiment on once it gets released.

Either that LAND feature would make my average highest league reach per season go down or would finally help me reach the CHAMPIONS league. Only time will tell.


Anyways, as for my current win-rate this season it is at 43.54% or 192 ranked matches won out of 441 total ranked matches. It's honestly not that bad considering I got 42% last season and 41% last last season. XD