Bought some LAND today!

in #gaming3 months ago

Well I don't know if this would be worth it or what (hopefully it would be) but I finally bought some LAND on the SteemMonsters game. Although if one would ask me what this LAND would do, well my short answer would be "I don't know". Lol

I did read a blog post about it a month or two ago though so I kinda get the gist of what it is about but I'm a guy who has to experience things first before making any comments on what it's all about. But judging on what I read a month ago, it sounds "okay" but I did remember making a comment of "hopefully the land system would not take too much of my time".

Anyways, ta~dah!

Screenshot 20201218 152858.jpg

Before the "sale" I was initially planning to buy 3 Plots of Land. Back then the announcement said the price would be $10USD with a fixed 1000DEC to $1USD. Unfortunately for me, the moment I woke up that day and checked the shop page it was already "sold out" so I honestly completely given up on it until today where I checked again the shop page and found out that they are on sale again but is at $14 USD. So I just bought 2 Plots of Land instead of 3. XD

Not really expecting anything from the raffle with only 2 Plots of Land bought but hopefully I would win something from that raffle. XD

Screenshot 20201218 152956.jpg