Claiming my airdrop!

in #gaming2 months ago

Better late than never! XD

I didn't realize that the next untamed airdrop has finally been unlocked after reaching a certain amount of untamed card pack sales. I for one honestly have stopped buying cards due to this account being somewhat 'cursed'. Even if I did buy some cards, I still can't win when pitted against a full-level summoner and monster player to which I am constantly facing (about 85% of the time).

Anyways, seems like for this one it is not a LEGENDARY airdrop but an EPIC one. I have about 105 ELIGIBLE PACKS and with the 1 is to 65 pack chances I was honestly expecting at least 1 or 2 of this card. XD

Screenshot 20210116 065759.jpg

And alas, I got three! XD Would have been nice if my luck is this decent when the airdrop is a legendary one. XD

Screenshot 20210116 065838.jpg