Claiming my AZMARE Airdrop!

in #gaminglast month

In case you missed it and forgot about it (like me), the first AZMARE Airdrop character has been unlocked. That means 'a chance' for ALL players who have bought at least a pack of the AZMARE DICE packs.

For me I have only bought 13 AZMARE DICE Packs so far. 3000 DEC per AZMARE DICE pack is not that cheap but what's great about this pack is the 'RARE' on this pack are ALL SUMMONERS. That means for every pack bought you are at least guaranteed a summoner (since it's the only rare card on this edition pack; that or an epic or legendary card!)

Screenshot 20200918 070441.jpg

The first AZMARE DICE Character to be unlocked is the legendary life monster card "Lensmaster", a monster with only 1-mana cost to summon.

Screenshot 20200918 070506.jpg

Anyways, I didn't get lucky with the first AZMARE DICE Airdrop not that I expected to get one anyway. XD Still It would have been cool to add that 1 mana cost monster on my life deck.

Screenshot 20200918 070538.jpg