From 69.69% win-rate down to 41%!

in #gaming2 months ago

Well I'm now honestly at that point where I am really considering creating a new account and transfer all my cards in there. It seems like this account of mine is cursed being matched up against opponents with millions of Collection Power in a row (or is that the norm now even in the DIAMOND III leagues? Or did the game just marked me as one of the cannon fodders for the rich XD).

Had to give it to the game though for giving me a 69.69% win-rate 2 days after the start of this season. It was the highest win-rate I have for the last 10 or so seasons. Normally I would only have 50% win-rate even at the beginning of the season and would drop down to 43% right after. But this season, it went from my highest win-rate (69.69%) down to my lowest win-rate (41%).


My daily quest for today was the splinter I was confident in the most but unfortunately I suffered big time even with that. What's more sad is 2 out of the 5 wins I had today to claim my daily quest rewards was from players who surprisingly surrendered to me (probably network issues?).

Either way thanks to them that I was able to do today's daily quest. If it wasn't for them it would probably take me more than an hour or so to claim today's quest. XD