My Season Card Rewards!

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Well as expected I didn't reach again the CHAMPIONS league this season. I did however barely reach the DIAMOND I leagues and thankfully secure my 60 Loot Chests season end rewards.

Diamond I Season Rewards.jpg

Last season was honestly one of the hardest season for me as I was often matched up against strong opponents whom I personally think is not suited for the DIAMOND leagues. Still I do understand them for staying on a league below their level as they have more chances of being in the leaderboard for the DIAMOND levels and get those sweet UNTAMED PACKS rather than advancing towards the CHAMPIONS league.

I hate them for staying but if I were them I would most probably just hangout in the DIAMOND leagues too. XD

Anyways, here's my season end card rewards from last season:

Unfortunately even my season end rewards was disappointing. No GOLD card, no EPIC, no LEGENDARY and no UNTAMED PACK.


Even the DEC I got from last season end rewards didn't even reach 500+. T_T Oh well hopefully this season would be better that the last ones.



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