Rank #247!

in #gaming29 days ago

Lol I know it's a number not worth bragging but I think I really made a smart move of advancing to the CHAMPIONS league instead of competing in the top leaderboard for the DIAMOND leagues.


Although the past 7-8 seasons, I have managed to climb my way to CHAMPIONS II (even CHAMPIONS I league) this season is just way too different. I've noticed that I have been against max level summoners way too often this season.

As a matter of fact, my current win-rate for this season is only ~42% way below my average win-rate per season which is around 47-53%. Last season my win-rate was at 47.3% or 211 wins out of 446 total ranked matches.

Looking at the current leaderboard for the DIAMOND leagues, it seems that the Top #1 is already at CHAMPION II rating. I've been stuck at CHAMPION III specifically at 3700-3750 battle rating range for 4 days now with no hope of advancing.