Switching to Microsoft Edge when playing SteemMonsters!

in #gaminglast month

I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this but once in a while whenever I'm trying to submit my team on a ranked match, it just keeps on loading (looks like a spinning wheel that keeps on spinning) until I get the pop-up that I have somehow left the battle resulting in me surrendering the battle.

Sometimes a little reload on the page and then resubmitting my team fixes this but it starts being annoying reloading the page every single time.

So something just pops inside my head today and decided to try using another web browser (I'm using BRAVE btw) and decided to try using Microsoft Edge browser (the default browser) to play SteemMonsters this morning. And so far, no spinning wheel in site. Lol That also means no forced surrender for me today.

Still a long way to go for CHAMPIONS I though.


So yeah if you are like me who is experiencing the same problem as me like the one above once in a while, I recommend trying out playing on another browser. Interestingly though, this problem of mine only happens when I play so early in the morning right after I wake up. Maybe a lot of players are also playing at that time?