Trying Hard Drawing#3 Haunted Spirit

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It's been a while since I last created a drawing and where I use colored pencils. This time I venture again on the colored pens to check if the output is going good. On my third Steemmonsters card for my drawing, I have selected Haunted Spirit as it captures my attention as it's a bit unique. A more like electricity within its body and unexplained shape of its body.

At its initial level, this monster has good health while having both 2 speed and melee attacks. Of course, what's make it more powerful is it's healing ability making him more effective in the frontline if you are using a Death Splinter. When it comes to survival, these monsters really last long and can sustain enough damage while healing itself.

If you totally level up this monster, this can be really more powerful as it has 4 melee attacks and 3 speed while having three sets of the ability to Heal, Magic Reflect, and Void. Considering its abilities, this can be a good anti-magic monster.

I have seen more players are using Haunted Spirit, especially those who are having a good collection of both Alpha and Beta cards. Based on the lore, it has ethereal and energetic existence which I think that it has a combination of souls within this monster. Aside from that this kind of monster is dangerous as it attacks the living by its force and uses it to heal itself.


Based on the output drawing that I have created, the purple color almost overrides the blue color. I guess that's the one that I'm missing.


Process of my Drawing

First, I do a pencil sketch on the monster, defining the light-colored shapes as well as its sharp shaped body.


Next to that, I marked it with a pen to emphasize the drawing, making it more presentable to look at.


Lastly, do some coloring.


About the card


Image Source

Card NameHaunted Spirit
AvailableAlpha and Beta Editions
SkillHeal, Magic Reflect and Void
Mana Cost5

What I can say about this monster is that this can be effective if you put it in front as it can sustain damage especially with its skill of healing. If being attacked by magic monsters then it can surely survive and can help take out the magic monsters with its Magic Reflect.

Previous Works

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