RMU Club Minnow Project - FREE UPVOTE GIVEAWAY #116

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Post No. 116 - Get free upvote from RMU Club Minnow Project, simply post link in comment - No upvote, no resteem, no follow require!

Hello Steemians,

This is the 116th post on Free Upvote by RankMeUp Club Minnow Project.

The project aims to help newbie on steem blockchain that really need upvote and we make some change to the rule!

Project updated!

  • We have reach 100+ SP without renting SP and continue growing ...
  • New rule apply, to give most upvote value by voting at higher voting power and give upvote to those who really needed!
  • Follow us follow back and win random free upvote daily

If your current payout is more than $0.05 and our voting is nothing to you as we have less SP so, we will give to those who really needed!

If you still need our vote, follow us and win random upvote daily, no need to post link in comment, all work are done automatically.

Thanks all for who supports and using our service.

Get FREE Upvote, Just comment with your link, please follow the RULES!


Beginner Tips

  • Find your interest
  • Post daily, minimum of 1 post
  • Get your post seen and get upvoted (You can get help on our discord)
  • Get total payout minimum of $0.02 or your post will not get paid!

Earn extra steem-engine token while posting

  • You can extra steem-engine token just put tag when posting ( for this post, I put spt )
    For example, spt = Splintertalk , stc = steemcoinpan token , pal = PALcoin and more ...

Together, we can archive bigger DREAM!


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