Free Cryptocurrency So Much it Might As Well Be a Faucet!

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We're talking about 31,000 FREE DEC

Join Splinterlands Free
Not sure what DEC is and how it equals real money then join above free

First, if you're new and on a budget just jump into this game free:

2nd Take a look at this:

3rd Find @clove71 in splinterlands discord and compliment her
Good stuff might happen!

Here is your Training Guide:

I don't think it's humanly possible to help you more with this cryptocurrency!

If it's possible to find more free DEC easier please leave it in comments and help everyone :)


hahaha! #3 is too funny....but true! LOL!!!! You are a great asset to the Splinterlands community, you are always doing so much! I miss your streams!

I was shooting for a little comedy on 3 :) thanks for the support

If you want to work on the the Splinterlands wiki on we're paying heavy DEC rewards. We're still looking for ability, ruleset, monster, summoner and league level strategies. If you're looking for mindless repetitive work we sure could use a bunch of battle links. If you're looking to earn 1000s a day in DEC just join our wiki discord and tell us what you think you can bring to the project.

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