[VIDEO] Splinterlands 57 yeah silverII

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This is a cast steemmonsters of the macmeal show episode 57.

Today was a good day to get some winnings. But lost a lot also. I went on and got some extra winnings at the end so I'm in Silver II now YEAH baby.

Steemmonsters will become splinterlands because of the recent changes and becoming so the multi crypto game but everything will still be done on the steem blockchain. Splinterlands has its own frontend http://splintertalk.io so come and readup on all the news of splinterlands.

I will try to build some viarity and simplicity in the shows so it can aired very easily without working a half a year on a production. Yes of course I can't call this a production but it's a growing kind of videostreaming. To be put out and reach the masses for the steem blockchain.

The first 100 streams of any kind of streams are mostly learning curves. This episode is without my little screen in the right corner. You can see the whole playfield now without guessing what I picked. It's about the game and not me. Follow me on my adventures creating a media steem account.


This youtubevid will be automatically posted on my http://steemit.com/@greendeliver-sm account with share2steem.

Why macmeal?

On the way home I wanted a bigmac meal so bad but in the car I thought well if I bought instead a mac donalds meal a steemmonsters account and make a show out of it this would be an awesome idea about what you can do with so little investment.

I played against the followowing people:

@hilladigahackles, @monaksvid, @vladimgor, @hillock, @alzur, @loabaksap, @botapkesc, @hanmarvyn, @laobaksap, @hanmarvyn, Vladimgor, @alzur, @monakvid, @hillock, @hjalmar, @keyunebku.

there is also a splinterlands forum where you can ask your questions and answer them and earn crypto with it too, you can find it here: https://monsters.tokenbb.io/

Some (affiliate) links:








I will try to limit the casts to 30 minutes.

Greendeliver-sm Youtube Channel

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